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Childhood and adolescence:

We cooperate with schools of every order and degree for the admission of students with impairments, with families, educators   and local authorities for the assignment of the home assistants with educational functions  and    for the supply of    large printed ,  braille texts and specific  devices, with other private and public authorities  to encourage   student’s personal independence, with the  tyflotechnical center of Pesaro  managed  by MRS Nicoletta Grassi and  reading and writing braille  courses   held by MR Armando Giampieri.

Access to work

Access of  young blind students to   professional courses for  telephone operators and therapist of  rehabilitation; support activities in the  research and in the first steps  of the access  to work;    we cooperate with specialised institutions  for the  professional updating of blind workers (in the province of Ascoli Piceno ,  49 of them are employed).

Old people

Contacts  with   municipalities and  local health authorities  for the different ways of assistance;

Daily listening activities   held thanks to  the presence in the center  of our  partners and  volunteers.

Fiscal and  retirement assistance

Daily  information desk  for  sanitary  requirements  needed  for the civil blindness recognition, of the  invalidity and   the recognition as disable people   according to the law  104/9;

Daily information desk  for pension treatments and  fiscal  supports  ;.

Activities of  information and support    to obtaining the fiscal facilities  (4% VIP and  tax return  for the purchase of blind technical specific devices    , including computer,  mobile and land  phone , radio, TV and different types of electrical appliances,  the purchase of the car  by  the person with visual impairment  with 4% VIP and  free stamp duty

Free reddit declaration  ( for the families  of our  members  the price is €7.50);

Draw up of Isee, RED and  ISEU  patterns.

Further services

Support for the request to the Local Health Authority for  customized courses  of orientation and mobility;

Paper works and  connections  with the coaching schools  for the assignment of guide dogs.

Facilitations for the transports

Support for the request to  the municipality of residence for the issuance of the handicap placard ;

Special concession3: Issuance of the railcard  which allows  the blind person to   make use of  the following facilitations:  if he/she is accompanied  he/she will have a -50% discount . This means that since only one ticket is   issued, it will be payed by one person    instead of  two tickets.

Books, journals and further accessible material

Supplies and loans

The access   to culture and to  information   from people with visual  impairments   is one of the most  primary aims  of our association. For this reason, we constantly  support  each member  in the research and   procurement of books and journals for study purposes and  the free time.

Audiobook’s centre of the Italian Union of blind and partially sighted

It allows to download books in mp3 format    after registering and sending   the documentation  attesting the visual  disability . The registration has to be carried out through the   procedure   activated  by  clicking the related link  below.

Evalues project of the Italian Union of blind and partially sighted

It allows to download  digital texts  after registering  and sending  the documentation which certificates the visual impairment.As for the Online Audiobook service, the registration  must be done by clicking the related link which will redirect to the dedicated page.

Registration, adaptation and print

making   your activity or your place accessible  for visually impaired   people

It permits to request  accessible materials    to people with visual disabilities, such as:

Braille printings  like texts, labels,  panels,  restaurants menùs;

Tactile maps ,  figures in relief, audiodescriptions,     transcriptions in italics,  with adaptation to fonts and pictures for partially sighted people.

The service is  provided   after paying  a contribution aimed at  the  refund of the  expenses.