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Participation to the Enviter program


The Italian Union of the blind and partially sighted Onlus is the partner of the Enviter program. Indeed, the association

is a legally recognised charitable entity for the representation and the safeguarding of the moral and material interests of Italian blind people, whether they are members or not, when dealing the public administration.

The Union  purpose is the integration of the visually impaired into society and their unification under one legal body.

The Italian Union for the blind  and  partially sighted represents all those   who don’t see at all  or who    have    average and  serious visual impairments.  We  deal with helping and supporting      all our members  with the purpose to get       from the state, from  our region and from local institutions  the economic assistance and the technological  tools  which allow them   to improve the quality of their life.

In order to pursue our  goal;

We organise conventions,   meetings and seminaries with  institutions, teachers and  school  directors.

We organise several aggregative   meetings  and social journeys.

We offer   pick-up service with our own means  of the Civil Service or isc volunteers.   These volunteers work both in the association and   directly with each person. In the first case , the volunteers deal mostly  with  pick-up service and  secretarial works. instead In the second case , which is ruled by the ex article 40,  the volunteer is at disposals of the blind or partially sighted  person  in  everyday  activities such as.

We organise leisure and recreational courses  such as theater and music.

We have got a   center of braille and large  print    transcription whos director is MR Mirco Fava. It is composed by 20 employees and it cooperates with all Italian regions.  The large print books are adapted  according to the features and visual needs  of students through a tyflological assessment. The center provides a technical sheet    that is drawn up by the parent  or by the school and then sent to the  local site of reference   and to the Italian library for the blind Regina Margherita in Monza, which is the national institution for the transcription of books for people with visual impairments.      It analyses  the request and   gets an estimate  that will be forwarded to the families or to the sections of reference   and in turn even  to the  local authorities for information.

For two years, the institution  has taken  charge of  all the expenses of transcription  for  the first two classes without  the previous authorisation of the authority.  After the acceptation of the estimate, the technical sheet and  the original books  are sent to the Transcription Center that  , thanks to the authorisations of the  publishing houses,   scans the texts, processes them  with an ocr program  and produces a text file. Then, itscanns the images  with a graphic program  and forwards it to the  transcriber  who in turn  corrects the whole text  file modifies the images and puts them together   resetting the book according to the  features of the user.  The work is received by the transcriber , checked again by the   experts and  edited into braille or large print, bookbinds it and delivers it to the user.

For books in braille,    the text is corrected  and edited with specific codes  used  for its  layout. Moreover, if needed,  the center can decode the images  which will be  transposed in   relief.

As for braille texts, even books in large print require the correction of the file  and a reproduction as faithfull as possible to the original ones and to the technical sheet.   The images are analysed and  modified  in order to provide the user  the best comprehension. Smetimes, these images are divided into different sections  in order to allow the user  to grasp the  smallest details. Because of the visual impairment,  some exercices are forcely modified   compared to the original text  to permit their accomplishment which would otherwise be  difficult. At the end of the process,  the files are tested  and,  if they pass  this last check,   they can be printed, bookbinded and  delivered to the user. On demand of the families, the center  produces also customized    notebooks   with large lines, more spaces  and with a bigger  layout and  orientation of the pages  to help him to study.

Moreover, our organisation    supports young blind people  in their study activities in public and local institutions  schools.  In these schools   the members of our  association  perform many advice activities    for teachers and  school directors  and take part in the assessment of    didactic training plans.

The experts of tyflopedagogy, personal independence  , computer for blind people, motor and sports activities follow  blind members even in  their non didactic ones and provide advice  to their families  and to the assistants who help  them to study at home.

Finally, in order to promote     educational and leisure  activities  in the free time, during the whole year   our association  organises  further meetings with sighted guys  and volunteers, called thematic week ends, and school summer camps.

In order to coordinate all these activities in an effective way , our organisation has created    the equipe group:  it is about a project  which comprises experts  which, in addition to  propose the activities,  they carry out  a periodic follow up  to analyse the results  over time.

This group deals also with guys  who, besides visual problems,   they have got additional minorities . For these children , less lucky than  the others, the organisation promotes , through the equipe group    , the activities of basal stimulation  and in the particular care of  motor ones in the water. The families of all guys , in particular those of these latest,  receive a careful counseling and orientation  activity addressed to these guys and their families  to help them to choose  the training paths  towards  the most suitable employments  for people with visual impairments and, in order to do this, it makes use of useful contacts     with the psychopedagogical equips  of the national health service present in our area.

To conclude, our organisation carries out  a meticulous activity



Public Phone: 0736250133



Address: Italian Union of the Blind and Visually Impair Via Copernico 8, 63100, Ascoli Piceno AP


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