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The managers of our association  don’t  receive any compensation for the activities held , but they   work exclusively   on a voluntary basis and for free.  We have got an employee, our secretary, who  guarantees the  daily functioning of the association and the exclusive  relationship  with every single   partner!

Join and be part of  the most virtuous  and dynamic    voluntary reality of our  territory! So, support the Italian Union  of  Blind and visually impaired people  of Ascoli and Fermo  with a €50.00 annual card and come and find out   all the advantages of being a supporting member! Join now! Paypal, the   fast, reliable and  innovative  way to pay and be payed.

A small  action  for a great help!  It doesn’t cost you anything! And you can add it to the  eight for thousand .   You just indicate  the fiscal code of the  Italian Union for blind and visually impaired people  in your  tax return : 92032070440

Postal current accou

Bank current account (IBAN code): IT21 Y010 0513 5000 0000 0002 604.

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